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Sourcing structures

Sourcing structures

The ITI group has developed a network of sourcing structures abroad. The industrial group identified a need very early on to be able to offer solutions abroad, for economic reasons, for the skills, but also to be able to meet the need to accompany clients on foreign markets.

2 sourcing and manufacturing organisations

The ITI group has selected 2 structures in different geographical areas, for their manufacturing capacity, their competence in quality control and their reliability:

  • Asia (Shanghai): non-standard components (fastenings (bolts and screws) from blueprints)/blanking and stamping/casting and machining
  • Romania: general mechanical engineering/sheet metal work

These sourcing structures are also partners that enable us to have total control over production monitoring and traceability.

Support abroad

The ITI group also knows how to use its experience abroad to accompany its customers when they are looking to subcontract work abroad. For economic, legal or administrative reasons some of the group's customers have been forced to outsource part of their industrial production in other countries. The ITI group can therefore support and accompany them when they are looking for solutions abroad that are just as efficient as those offered by the group in France.

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