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Développement et industrialisation produit propre : Kiffy

The Kiffy is the perfect example of the development and industrialisation of an own product This finished product illustrates the ITI group's global offer, namely its involvement from the co-design stage and then through the organisation of the other stages: purchasing, manufacturing, sourcing, quality control, through to the assembly of subassemblies and assemblies.

The Kiffy project is also a symbolic initiative for Saint-Étienne: around the former bicycle capital of France, the city and the region are still brimming with this historic know-how. The Kiffy was therefore designed to be made locally, with ecology in mind. And not only in its manufacturing, for the product is intended to live an environmentally-friendly life.

History of an idea

The Kiffy adventure began in 2010 when Norbert Peytour presented Christophe Rosenstiel, director of the ITI Industries Group, with a plan for a revolutionary bike. The idea came from a simple observation: with the population becoming more and more urbanised, a problem is emerging, that of mobility. The necessary solution is therefore to rationalise means of transport and look at how they can be combined so that people can get about more efficiently. It was starting from this logic that a precise set of specifications was drawn up to design this product:

  • Adapt to a wide range of users.
  • Offer a high level of stability, be a pleasure to use, be easy to handle in every aspect of its use.
  • Get about silently, without generating any pollution.
  • Be intermodal, able to interlink with out modes of transport without complicating things for users.
  • Have a large integrated carrying capacity to cope with the needs of everyday life.
  • Be a multi-purpose product: get about, carry a load, go shopping, go out for a ride for fun, go to the office, go to school, etc.
  • Transformable into a shopping trolley you can take into shops
  • Totally new design, a breakaway from existing models
  • Space-saving: small size whether folded or not, to make it easier to integrate into everyday life: office, flat, lift, etc.
  • Design enabling it to be made locally.
Mr Rosensteil was won over by the potential of such a product.So he decided to apply all the ITI group's know-how to developing the idea of the Kiffy.

What is the Kiffy

The Kiffy is a lightweight "cargo" bike equipped with a carrier plate at the front, resting on 2 wheels equipped with the "Swing System", a patented deformable parallelogram that gives the bike both stability and manoeuvrability. With its 2 front wheels and its ability to carry up 50 kg, the Kiffy is the ideal way to make those everyday journeys about town.

The trike comes in a number of different models and the full range covers all the possible needs for urban transport. The entire range exists in two versions: "flash" (folding) and fixed:

  • Kiffy Classic: the flagship model in the Kiffy range eKifffy: electrically assisted trike
  • Kiffy Pro: the Kiffy adapted to professionals' needs, with electrical assistance, able to cope with every type of road surface and customisable to suit different needs.
  • Kiffy Golf : a Kiffy specially designed for golfers, electrically assisted for easy use.
  • Kiffy Family: specially adapted with a "safe child box", this Kiffy with electrical assistance is suited to day-to-day family needs.
As well as being available in numerous models, the Kiffy can also be customised. Go to our website to discover the possibilities:

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