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Machining of mechanically-welded assemblies

Machining of mechanically-welded assemblies

Another of the ITI group's specificities is its ability to machine mechanically-welded assemblies thanks to a specific body of know-how, a process and machinery guaranteeing optimum quality.


After the mechanical welding of the subassemblies and/or assemblies in our manufacturing plants or their receipt from outside suppliers, ITI employs its production capacities to  machining the parts:

  • Turning-milling centres
  • Horizontal & vertical-head machining centres with continuous axis rotation on the table 5-side milling with one clamping operation
  • Medium and large-dimension machining on rotating and prismatic parts
  • Mechanical assembly with automatic control
In addition, the ITI groups makes a lot of its tools in-house in order to ensure better control of the quality of the machining operations.

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