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The logistics platform

The logistics platform

The ITI group manufactures parts from blueprints as well as assemblies and subassemblies for its customers. But the group aims to offer a global service including the management of tasks up and downstream of the manufacturing process itself. ITI's aim is to leave the customer free to concentrate only on the design and sale of its product. Among the services offered as part of this global offer, the logistics platform is an important element

Integrated logistics

The ITI group has developed the capacity to manufacture and deliver parts in a totally controlled system. Thanks to the ITI logistics solution, the customer can be supplied on a just-in-time basis, the ideal solution to cash flow issues due to the complications of managing inventory. To guarantee flexibility, the ITI group has also integrated a number of other services into its logistics :

  • Order picking
  • Kitting
  • Computerised delivery management (EDI)
  • Delivery tracking software (barcodes)

Integrated logistics
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